Gabriel Yang

Deputy Director, Monetary Authority of Singapore


Gabriel is an Events marketing and content strategist with over 15 years of experience, working across top Asian event hubs (Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok), and key industries (consumer goods, technology, finance, government). His most recent foray has been in the blockchain and crypto areas for the last 4 years.

His current role is primarily focused on the Singapore FinTech Festival as the Head of Content and Communities within the MAS umbrella. This makes him responsible for pathing out the latest direction and trends in the fintech space that aligns to the wider financial services industry, especially along the narratives that lean towards a Web 3.0 future.

By working extensively across Asia has allowed him to witness firsthand how innovation has transformed the region. Gabriel is a coffee snob—ask him the difference between a Mandehling and a Kenyan if you want to get your ear talked off.


Crypto in Japan: 2021 and Beyond – Set To Bloom?


Regulations in japan are now clearer and more transparent than ever before. How has the industry reacted to this so far this year and what plans are being made for wider adoption? Where does innovation then take place and can regulations then keep up in the next phase of web 3.0?




November 12, 2021 at 09:20AM - 10:05AM JST