Anita Varshney

VP, Purpose and Brand Experience, SAP, SAP


Anita is passionate about sustainable change and transformation, working with public-private partnership models, bringing together global communities to make a positive impact. Through a system thinking mindset, she consults on how businesses can bring sustainable ideas to life and with the right culture of innovation, coordinated team efforts, turning them into a powerful grassroot movement. Anita is passionate about the role of women leadership and sports in accelerating our progress to reach the Global Goals by 2030.


How data will drive the Impact revolution

Recorded Session


Sustainability in the business world is a complex and constantly evolving subject. Frameworks and metrics advance understanding of companies’ social and environmental impact, and a host of new technology solutions are being developed to not only simplify collection and reporting, but also to provide analysis and insights from public and internal data sources. These solutions help businesses to improve their strategic decision-making by revealing hidden dynamics with their operations.
Join leaders from the field of sustainability and Impact business solutions—from Datamaran, Instans and SAP—to learn more about how businesses are harnessing technology to become more responsive and sustainable, and how we can expect data-driven solutions to grow in the near term.




December 08, 2020 at 05:10PM - 05:55PM JST