Mitsunobu OKUBO

Executive Advisor to the Government CIO (Cabinet Secretariat/Ministry of Finance/Ministry of Foreign Affairs), FINOVATORS Co-Founder, Fintech Association of Japan Advisory Board


Mitsunobu Okubo is a parallel worker in the FinTech industry who works with the public and private sectors. He has been in charge of digital strategy as CTO of financial holding company and has promoted new business development and open innovation by utilizing banking API.
At the same time, through pro bono activities, he has been engaged in creating an ecosystem of financial innovations by mentoring FinTech startups, making proposals to the public sector, and collaborating with overseas FinTech industry associations. He has served as a mentor for Tokyo Metropolitan Government's Fintech Business Camp and a member of the Code for e-Gov of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. He is also the co-author of 'Fintech Engineer Training Reader' (2019, Gijutsu Hyoron-sha) and more.


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